Reveals a system of occult cycles that gives you control over your own life. This book explains hidden universal laws and step-by-step explanation of their derivation and use that will place you years beyond those who would maintain a stranglehold over you. You will know when to act in all matters instantly.NewMint ConditionDispatch same day […]

Entheogens, Myth, and Human Consciousness

ENTHEOGENS, MYTH AND HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS is a much needed accessible exploration into the role of psychoactive sacraments – entheogens – in religion, mythology, and history, and also includes most treatments of the subject focus on modern scientific research, psychotherapy, are auto-bibliographic accounts, or are agenda-driven or otherwise naive and myopic. A great mystery of altered […]

History of Religious Ideas, Volume 2: From Gautama Buddha to the Triumph of…

A History of Religious Ideas: From Gautama Buddha to the Triumph of Christianity v. 2 In volume 2 of this monumental work, Mircea Eliade continues his magisterial progress through the history of religous ideas. The religions of ancient China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and his contemporaries, Roman religion, Celtic and German religion, Judaism, the Hellenistic […]

Will The Real “ALLAH” Please Stand Up?

Here are two Gods: the God of the Christians and “the God” (Allah) of the Moslems. Billy Graham and the Pope said they are the same God. If the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is “the God” of the “Islamic Nation,” then surely they would be in agreement. Wouldn’t it be interesting to set […]

What’s So Great About Christianity

FIRM STREET DATE = NOVEMBER 4, 2008. STORES MUST NOT HAVE THIS TITLE ON DISPLAY BEFORE 11/4/08.A low-cost softcover that is perfect to give to seeking friends and neighbors to explain why an intelligent, college-educated person can believe in Christianity.Is Christianity true? Can educated, thinking people really believe the Bible? Or, do the athiests have […]