The Joy of Religious Pluralism: A Personal Journey

In 2005 Peter Phan received a notification from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith identifying errors and ambiguities in his book, Being Religious Interreligiously: Asian Perspectives on Interfaith Dialogue (Orbis, 2004). This set in motion a long train of correspondence, requiring Phan to answer various questions about the salvific role of Christ and […]

Thor: Myth to Marvel

The myths of the Norse god Thor were preserved in the Icelandic Eddas, set down in the early Middle Ages. The bane of giants and trolls, Thor was worshipped as the last line of defence against all that threatened early Nordic society. Thor’s significance persisted long after the Christian conversion and, in the mid-eighteenth century, […]

Misunderstood Jew, The

Paperback. Pub Date: November 2007 Pages: 256 in Publisher: HarperOne In the The Misunderstood Jew. Scholar Amy-Jill Levine helps Christians and Jews understand the Jewishness of Jesus so that their appreciation of him deepens and a greater interfaith dialogue can take place . Levine’s humor and informed truth-telling provokes honest conversation and debate about how […]